Top seven marathon fears

    Top seven marathon fears

    The life of the marathon runners is complicated and full of unforeseen difficulties and dangers. We consider the seven risk factors, which the admirers of the long running face with.

    The world statistics states: marathon running is extremely popular. This is great news for viewers, sellers of anthelotic emplastrums, soft petroleum ointment and for those who made the whole world happy with the advent of Mylar space blanket. This thing, that saves from the bad weather and hypothermia, makes a person looks like a candy bar in foil.

    God bless you if you are going to run a marathon! The main thing is that you need to know about the dangers that await you. Journalists, friends, relatives and colleagues, who are actually far from running and going in for sports will tell you about such dangers with joy.  They can come together and sing you a popular-science song about the harm you bring to your knees joints during marathon training and ruining. For those who have not yet understood. Imagine a harrowing scene: you are just standing and some psycho hammers on your knees for four hours. If you think that is the only danger marathoners faced with, you are terribly mistaken. Let's see what scientists found out being obsessed with the good intention- to warn you about the harmful effects of long distance running.

    1. Headache from the cold (Ice Cream Headache)

    Long run admirers face with painful sensations in the forehead when consuming too cold foods. Science elite from UC San Diego, having examined those who finished on the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon 2011, made a stunning discovery. These runners were more than twice as susceptible to "brain freeze", also known as Ice Cream Headache. Doctors find it difficult to explain what it was, but just in case they advise marathoners to refuse from ice cream and milkshakes.

    2. "We were attacked by a rake" syndrome

    It is the sensational statistical reply. Among healthy in every sense people, who reported that they stepped on a rake left on the lawn of their house, and as a result got a comic, but painful blow to the face, turned out 30% of those who run a marathon during 8 weeks before this case. Here is the recipe: two months after each run do not walk on lawns, grass lawns and grass in particular. Beware of any vegetation. Surround yourself with asphalt and concrete.

    3. Existential fear

    Multiple studies have found a link between the process of completing the marathon and the occurrence of sudden, overwhelming fear that life is a brief and meaningless way from birth to death, and every man is alone in the cold and absurd Universe. This fear often occurs when marathoners upload their personal data during the online registration for the next run.

    4. “Are you kidding me?!”

    In a little-known  study research of 2009, researcher from University of Florida, found out that marathoners fell into a state which is characterized by the replica: "Are you kidding me?!" a week before and a week after of their performance. 

    Manifestations of this condition:

    Once you left the keys in the car and went somewhere for a second, as the doors are immediately locked and you are jumping around with the full delight, not being able to get behind the wheel again. Or! You are reproachfully looking at the toaster for 15 minutes, as he took the bread and has no intention to fry it for your breakfast. At the same time you have completely forgotten that the toaster is simply not plugged in. Or! You wake up at middle of the night and bitterly realize that you have forgotten to put a garbage bag out for cleaners, so all this stuff will stink one more day in your apartment. Finally, you leave your keys in the car again, and it immediately locks the doors.

    5. Spider-Man (not for people with unstable mentality and arachnophobia)

    Modest in scale and unusual in theme research conducted in Germany, found out that spiders attack sleeping marathoners by 15 percent more frequently than ordinary people. What is horrible about that, you will ask? Spider can get into your ear and lay its eggs there. In few weeks little spiders will get out of there and that will cause genuine interest in their “owner” and others.

    6. Burned on the marathon

    International Association of Marathons’ Directors of Medicine acknowledged that one from every 250,000 marathoners in the literal sense of the word is burned in the middle of the marathon distance. These cases are designated as Spontaneous human combustion (SHC), and occur without human contact with flammable substances. Sophisticated studies have found out the most obvious risk groups: elderly women, alcoholics, the followers of low-carb diets, fat people and those, who are under the influence of strong electromagnetic radiation. So, if you are aged, drink a lot, trying to lose weight and at the same time carry a satellite farm, be very careful!

    7. Obsessive desire to register for the next marathon

    This is the most common risk factor for those, who are interested in marathon running. And the most terrible. For obvious reasons.


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